About the artist ...

I have been working in clay for 35 years and was a painter and landscape contractor/designer before. I am still active in landscape design. I studied ceramics and design at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Central Piedmont Community College, Queens University, and Penland School of Crafts, in North Carolina. I also have my Associates Degree in Business Landscaping. I have taught at various pottery studios, Queens University in Charlotte, and have given workshops for various NC colleges and clay groups. I have been affiliated with 30 galleries and museums in the US and my work is part of many private and corporate collections. I sell my work through high-end craft shows, wholesale and retail galleries, and at my home gallery. I focused heavily on clay during the early part of my professional career, all the while maintaining my interest in painting.

Three years ago, artist friends encouraged me to begin painting more abstractly. I have been experimenting with different drawing and painting materials and exploring the abstract realm regularly since then. I use layers of charcoal, inks, pencil, acrylic paints and pastels in my mixed media paintings.

The ultimate motivators for my artwork aren’t sales or money. I am constantly intrigued by the playfulness and freedom of making art. It feeds my soul. My work represents my experiences with the water, the ocean, the mountains, and my gardens.

My passion is about getting the work out there and having helpful, positive ways in which it can be experienced. I want people to enjoy my artworks knowing that each one is made with love and enthusiasm for life. My abstract paintings offer something special: a chance to explore your imagination and use your creative side of the brain.

I invite you to view my work on Instagram and Facebook.

- Lambeth Marshall